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Pull Up Bar

Pull Up Bar

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Tech Specs

  • TRIPLE STRUCTURE PROTECTION: Three-Way Protruding anti-drop protection design. Pull-up equipment bars are safe to use for men, women & kids, loaded with a firm non slippery foam grip across two ends of the bar. You can hold on to the hanging bar with bare hands.
  • NO SCREWS & NO DRILLING: It only takes a minute to set it up and remove it on the door frame. Just rotate the pole to press against the door frame. Pay attention to do not use the pull up bar doorway on glass door, hollowed door or other fragile door frame.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: WiseLife Pull-Up Bar is designed in such a way that you can make it fit in between any Door frame and wall mount from a length of 27-40 inches.
  • TELESCOPIC DESIGN: For safety purposes, the bar extrudes from one telescopic point, as tighter threads and toggle ends make sure that the bar is safely tight and secure; End caps for ultimate safety and rubber stoppers for metal doors.
  • VERSATILE WORKOUTS: Not just for Chin-Ups and Pull-Ups, mount to the bottom of a doorway to maximize your sit-ups, crunches and even triceps dips, making it easy to move locations with extra door mounts available.

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