Bringing creativity to your yoga classes means making them engaging, interesting, and effective for your students. So don’t be just another yoga teacher do something unique. So that student loves your classes and loves to come back again. So, we have brainstormed the five most effective ways to bring creativity to your yoga classes:



  • Creating a theme: I suggest all yoga teachers implement this in their yoga studios. Just create a theme of nature or any calm theme, just like any modern restaurant does to have a competitive advantage over others. Building a theme or having outdoor yoga can make the student more interesting in yoga and make it more productive. 

  • Invest in Yoga gear: A yoga mat is essential but having a top-notch yoga gear like Yoga brick, stretch belt, yoga wheel, and many others can bring uniqueness. These props can be used to do different yoga poses that won’t be possible without these gears and help to make asanas more effective. 

  • Say no to monotonous routine: Many yoga teachers just don’t put much effort into teaching different yoga asanas. They usually teach the most common asanas and repeat them regularly over a long period this practice can never bring uniqueness Instead it’s the most prominent reason for students leaving the yoga studio. So, the teacher should focus on upgrading the students at regular intervals rather than making them follow the same routine.
  • Make the yoga class personal: It seems to be difficult for someone having many students. However, it is important to know the past health history of the student and the purpose of joining the class this can be done by a questionnaire and can help in tailor the best yoga routine that can carter each of them. And also rather than focusing on yoga class activity, you should focus on the overall health development of students which can be done by sharing diet plans and asanas for a particular problem and many other ways. This will make the student feel unique and also help in increasing the retention rate.
  • Include mantras in class: All yogis and yoginis know the power of mantras and chanting it can bring various advantages to the life. Likewise, including mantras in your class are much more advantageous. These mantras are perfect to connect the body with the soul, using them in classes make individual calm, connected and help in avoiding any thoughts during asanas.
  • These five tips can completely change the way students think about your yoga classes and will bring satisfaction to students. Follow these tips to bring uniqueness to your yoga class and make yoga more enjoyable and effective.


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