A wide range of products available in the market makes the Yoga mat selection extremely difficult and confusing. The whole yoga mat market is filled with cheap quality mat materials like EVA and PVC but these are the most dangerous material for our body and environment. Even these materials are banned in a most European countries due to health concerns. So, a decision to buy a yoga mat should be taken after proper research else it can make your yoga experience horrible. So here we experts come with a proper mat buying guide to help you make the right choice


Classic Mat: A simple entry level yet one of the most premium mats at this price point. This mat ensures a comfortable yoga experience with the optimum cushioning and extra-large size. A perfect mate for the one looking, to begin with, its daily yoga routine and want an economical yet skin-friendly mat.


Printed Mat: A blended TPE mat with a smooth and sober design that makes the yoga experience more relaxing. This is one of the most attractive products in the whole industry ensuring proper yoga and exercise experience through its good grip and extra-large mat area. A perfect buy for the one looking for a unique yoga mat.

TRU Alignment Mat: This mat comes with alignment lines printed on it, this help to maintain the proper posture while doing yoga and exercise. This ensures productive and risk-free yoga practices. A good buy who doesn’t want to spend more but yet wants best in class yoga experience.


Dual layer Mat: This pure TPE material mat ensures best in class yoga experience. This mat ensures the best in industry Anti-skid yoga experience due to its make and extra wavy embossing. This mat offers a much bigger yoga practice area that gives the utmost yoga experience. This mat is perfect for the yoga expert who heavily practices stretching poses and needs the ultimate grip. 


NBR Mat: A 12 mm extra thick foam NBR mat to ensure the most comfortable yoga experience. This mat is highly recommended to someone looking to make a purchase for high cardio exercises. This mat is highly suitable for old-aged people as it does let your joints feel the stress. 


PU Mat: The best in industry mat, this mat comes with PU leather on top and natural rubber at its bottom that gives the most superior yoga experience. The cherry on the cake is that it’s come with alignment lines as well. All these features make it the best mat in all aspects be it cushioning, Anti-skid, and Sweat resistance. 

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