How much to spend on a Yoga mat?

How much to spend on a Yoga mat?


When was the last time you bought a pair of shoes? Did you spend some effort to look for them? You did, right? Buying a yoga mat is like buying a pair of shoes. We need to put an amount of effort into researching and finding the one that fits us the most, especially when there are hundreds of different yoga mats.

Whether you are a seasoned yoga practitioner or you have just entered into this amazing world, there is no doubt that a quality mat is one of the most essential items. Of course, the prices of these mats can vary widely. Some may even cost well more than 10-25K which brings up an important question. How much is too much?

Are you a serious practitioner?

Would a cyclist who only rides a few times every month purchase a high-end bicycle? This is not often the case and the same holds true in regards to yoga. If you are serious about adopting this lifestyle on a regular basis, it is best to purchase a more expensive mat that offers years of longevity. 

Your personal level of intensity

Some practitioners choose to perform extremely challenging forms of this art (such Ashtanga yoga). The issue here is that complex movements can sometimes lead to injuries such as pulled muscles, strains and even fractures. Thicker mats that are able to offer a greater degree of padding are more likely to prevent issues associated with repetitive movements. Also, quality mats will grip the floor to a greater degree; reducing the chances that you accidentally slip and fall.

All about the return on investment

The bottom line is that any mat should be able to suit your lifestyle as well as your unique personal requirements. and we at "WiseLife" offer you the best of both worlds.

While taking your budget into account is always important, the actual fact is that spending slightly more on a yoga mat is the best way to ensure that you remain comfortable at all times.

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