WiseLife offers a wide range of premium quality home fitness products that can make your fitness routine much more enjoyable and productive. The product range consists of a wide range from Dumbbells set for your biceps to the ab roller for your abs. All the products offered by the WiseLife are listed below:



Dumbbell set: A set consisting of the dumbbell of 1kg, 3kg, and 5kg with a dumbbell holder, a premium quality product by WiseLife has alloy steel inside for more durability and accurate weight. This is further coated with vinyl to give a better grip and feel-good factor.


Kettlebells: A great product to improve the strength and endurance. It can help to increase agility and burn fat through variety of workouts like lunges, squat and cardio. This product is made of solid cast iron with vinyl coating to give the premium feel and best in class grip.

Ab roller: This Ab roller is not like the usual ab roller; this comes with a much more comfortable grip and double roller that ensure accurate balance. Hence more productive than any other ab roller.



Foam roller: WiseLife foam roller is the must-buy for physical therapy. This foam roller has more foam density ensuring better muscle relief. Use it for your back and leg muscles before and after your fitness routine to feel the difference.


Mini band: Made from 100% latex ensures the durability of the band. These mini bands come with three resistance light, Medium, and heavy. Ensuring an optimum resistance depending upon the capability of the user and muscle engaged. These bands are a must-have for every home fitness enthusiast.

Power band: A must-buy for every fitness beginner or expert, this product come with a range of resistance up to 70kgs. That ensures a proper exercise for all the big muscles biceps, triceps, etc. The 100% latex material used makes it durable to use for pullups as well.


Thera band: Just like any other resistance band this also come in varying resistance ranges that make it the perfect fit for everyone. This band can make your yoga, Pilates, and stretching more effective and productive.

Hip band: WiseLife offers one of the premium fabric resistance hip bands. Being fabric made it give a more comfortable and sweat-free experience. It is very suitable to use during Pilates, Squats, Hip extension, etc.


Adjustable hand grip: A perfect product to train your finger and forearm harder. This product comes in a varying weight range of 5-60 kg to ensure compatibility for each individual. This product comes with a comfortable grip that makes your experience much superior.


Skipping rope: A perfect rope for fat burn, Cardio endurance and boosting stamina. This rope is made of PVC and has anti slip foam handles that make it durable and comfortable to use.


Hydrate bottle: A 1210 ml of BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free bottle, with volume marking to ensure optimum hydration of your body. The premium plastic material makes it lightweight and durable to use.


SS bottle: WiseLife 750 ml BPA free SS bottle is the perfect pick for Gym, yoga, and everyday use. One of the best-looking SS bottles in the market, with matt finish paint and a bamboo material cap, makes it an eye catcher. 

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